2.5 less on the pile: North American Lake Monsters, Zero Saints, and Innocents and Others.

I read North American Lake Monsters once before, or most of it, but maybe I didn’t have time to absorb itit exactly, or all of it, but this time I did. I could get into the language and the way Balingrud twists up the tension, especially, in a story like Way Station, with the transitions….

Status update

Status update

I write my first story for the new year. 1500 words start to finish and I can’t seeing it growing much longer. I have some longer ones in the breach, but I’m trying a new process. 2015 was a tough year for writing, sooner it’s put behind me the better.

90 day Novel-topia – Day 45

Halfway through. The end is about two chapters away. Ready to rewrite by the time I get back from NY. Not sure how much work I’ll get done there. Here’s what I wrote today. Come Halloween icicles hung from the fire escapes and the condemned notices on the halfway house were illegible beneath the dark…

90 Day Noveltopia – Day 27

I don’t know what to listen to so I listened to this. And then I turned it off and looked up flights to NY and then I heard a sound outside and I went out to the balcony and it was two guys walking on the street playing sonic boom-sounding tracks and futuristic effects from…