Lots happening

A story to send to PS, tweaking it now. A short coming out on Thursday at Opium Magazine. The wonderful Seb Doubinksy prepping the December Zap which will include at least one piece by moi, probably Blue Moves. Another article to write for The Nervous Breakdown, plus wonderful stuff from friends to read, read, read.

Days and Nights

I’ve been busy with things. The teaching, and I have stuff to read for other people. Writing for the Nervous Breakdown and for Clarion. I have a birthday coming up which fills me with both anticipation and dread. I haven’t been writing all that hard, have let the narrative threads for the novel unravel. Am becoming aware of what I have taken on again.
There are good days and not so good days. Nights of little sleep. Dreams, like the one last night, of a great tidal wave in the distance, in the future, and its devastation—flotsam and broken toys and scraps and terror already in the past, lapping at my feet.
Today I will weave a dream. A digital bridge to take me from here to there. Murky sludge of the true-facts world far below.

And so it begins again

The new novel. Begun today. Reading, note-taking, books ordered from Amazon. Looking for the sweet spot that tells me when to start seriously drafting. The characters are getting restless. Don’t want to lose them. Meanwhile, loving the latest story from Joe Lansdale. The usual gore with gravitas. No one does it better. And my new…