Dreadful Daughters: Women Writing the Weird II

This came out a while ago, but just unearthed my contributor copies which look pretty sexy. Great cover art work by Ashlyn Fenton, and works by Tantra Bensko, RAchell Kendall, Nancy Collins, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Deb Hoag, Janis Butler Holm, Nikki Guerlain, and Peg Wheeler, among so many others. My story, “Going Down” is there, and I wrote about writing about this story here one of my all time dreadfullest rejection experiences. IMG_4103

Oh, and check out the book, here

Alfred Kubin’s illustration for Der Orchardeengartin


Another illustration from Der Orchareengarten by the great Alfred Kubin, who wrote the surrealist novel, The Other Side (Die Andere Seite) in 1908, which he also illustrated (below) adapting some of the drawings he’d prepared for Gustav Meyrink’s Der Golem when Meyrink hit a snag.
Kind of like when the money for the Halo movie ran out and Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson adapted the look and some of the Cthulhu-ish alien designs for District 9.District 9 I’ll be looking at the works of Kubin, among others in my upcoming LitReactor class, Writing the Weird.

Spinetingler and Dreadful Daughters

I am slowly working my way through some of the online publications I used to drool over when I first got into this buzz. Spinetingler has just picked up The Bridge, a story adapted from the novel in progress. Should be coming out in a couple months. Jack Getz added to my list of peachy editors. In other news, Dreadful Daughters has gone to press and should be coming out in time for Christmas.
On the home stretch for the American Monster edits. It’s been cool hanging out with Norma, Gene and Raye again. Looking forward to unleashing them on humanity. They’re chomping at the bit to do some serious damage.

Dreadful Daughters, Nervous Breakdowns and storySouth Million Writers nom for ‘The Box.’

Couple of pieces of news. Those crazy kids from over at Juked have nominated my story, ‘The Box’ for a Million Writers award. Without editors like J.W. Wang, Zack Wentz, Cameron Pierce, John Joseph Adams, Seb Doubinsky, Deb Hoag… the list goes on and most of these people are award winning writers, poets, anthologists themselves, but they do that extra thing, they read. They lead by example. Without which this revolution, this whole movement, would not be happening. So more on that in a minute.

So The Nervous Breakdown put up ‘Speak of the Puppet.’ I mainly wrote the piece in response to that question we get asked and ask ourselves, where does it come from? My uncle asked me. An innocent question if you believe in innocent questions, which by definition, I don’t. So, that. I read what other people said about this. And I liked this answer by Neil Gaiman. Read more

Women Writing the Weird: Out Now at Dog Horn Press

"Women Writing the Weird"As promised, WWW launched on Halloween. I don’t have my copy yet, but you can get it here. I’m excited to see my story, “Lion Man,” out and proud and in such great company…am prepared to be amazed by my colleagues.

Also out and about is my poem, ‘Some Kind of Monster,’ at Go(b)et Magazine. Very cool brave new publication putting out stuff, the likes of which you won’t see anywhere else.

The novel has gone to the agent, which leaves me with a huge amount of time on my hands. Plenty to do, just not the motivation to do it.

A few things have got me excited. Jeff and Ann Vandermeer’s new site, Weird Fiction Review. I read John’s Pelan’s piece on First Ladies of Fear, namely Mary Dale Bruckner and Greya La Spina, which inspired me to download Old Mr Whiley onto my kindle. Reading it now; it’s creepy. But the site is top drawer as you’d expect. Definitely a time thief, but hey, I got time.