Bob Hawke still rocks.

Bob HawkeHe may have been a tad intimidated but Andrew Denton managed to keep his cool for most of a spellbinding confab with that wiliest of politicos—Bob Hawke.

Hawke remained pretty tight-lipped throughout. Denton had to had to dig deep— in other words he had to hope his subject had soft underbelly and that it was still accessible after all these years by the Forth Estate. Hope lies eternal, Andres. But what about the rumour that Bobbie’s mum always knew he’d be PM? Did his beloved dad, Clem, really once claim that “Bobbie had a magic flowing out of him?” The Rodes scholar’s guarded answer to both? Yes: he’d had a happy childhood.

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abort abort

While the edit is proceeding apace I have decided to abort. Why?

1. Two comments from first my partner and then my mum put me off my stride.

The first from my partner was, like, at 9 pp an hour aren’t we talking quantity not quality. And that really freaked me out because I don’t want to keep rubbing this magic lamp forever.

The second from my mum was like, well I sent you the info for the comp. so you could submit your first book, VIPER, not the new one. She’s like I thought you wanted to shop the new one around which you won’t be able to do while it’s under consideration for the award which could be months.

Both are right.

Big relief. I have Viper ready to go on PDF. Download and fill out entry forms, off to Kinkos on Monday, then PO. BAM.

MEanwhile keep whipping myself along to finish the edit but in way that best serves the book, not the act of entering the comp.

Also the partner is seriously talking self publishing and I am excited about that.

Meanwhile there is always a meanwhile.

“The house you build out of your own pain,”

is how author William P Young describes the titular abode of his self-publishing phenomenon, The Shack, which began as a self-published paperback sold out of his garage and is currently:

No 1 bestseller on NYT trade paperback fiction list

No 1 bestseller on Barnes and Noble trade paperback fiction list

No 1 bestseller on Borders trade paperback fiction list.

So maybe The Shack, universally rejected by all the mainstream and Christian presses before being published by a couple of Mr Young’s preacher buddies is a sign? Lose the stigma and self-publish. All you need is 15 grand and a little help from your friends. Turn that house of pain into a home.

100 pp in a day?

Two more days to go and I am up to p 190 but I am going to try and get a hundred pp done today. I am worried about losing my mojo by letting this drag on so long and concerned that by becoming a chore I am letting the emotional charge run cold.
SO will try and get through pretty much the entire ms today. Then spend Friday and Sat. reading. Prep for Printing on Sunday plus write synopsis, entry form etc and print and post on Monday.

The hour by hour breakdown as follows:









Page 150/347

This is the final (ish) countdown. I have four more days to finish this rewrite. Break it down: I am on p 150/347 today, which means that in order to finish on Friday I have to turn over 50 pp/day which is roughly 8 pp/hour. So no time to be precious. Yesterday I worked from p 120 to p 150 which put me behind schedule hence the gruelling 50 pp per day I have to be on now. That gets me finished with the main rewrite by Friday and leave Saturday for the synopsis/bio and spellcheck and the rest of the weekend (less soccer and the bar mitzvah) for random reading. Print and package and postmark on Monday. I can do this.