Writers on the Web

Welcome to the first installment of a new series called WOW (Writers on the Web), a title so bad it’s not even good, which is good enough for me. It will cover what some writers are doing and saying on and around the web. This week, Stephen Graham Jones, Kris Saknussemm, Ian McEwan, Chuck Palahniuk, …


At the beach the other day, this chick was plucking out her ass pubes with her fingers. What’s with that? And now it’s raining all the time. The air is cold but humid. I want to wash my hair every day. I felt like a slug at yoga. The animals are going nuts.  

Dead Zone

I will I will not revert This, the beginning will begin the whole new first days of light I am in control born again strong, no longer (or still slightly) in recovery post traumatic sex starved food starved wine coffee pills work-crazed altitude sickness non-stop doubt and words creaming coming non-stop But now this stillness …