I talk dirty at LitReactor – Palahniuk, Cormac McCarthy, Proulx and more.

guts-illustration-guardian1My professional writing career began as a book reviewer for Time Warner Publications. To qualify for the job I had to review a pot boiler about sleeping your way to the top in Hollywood. I know, right? It had lines like, “Please Tom. I can’t wait any more,” and “His swollen thickness was drawing pleasures out of her she had never imagined existed.” Every sex scene was more or less the same, a kind of caricature of itself. Cue “swollen thickness.” I, um, had a ball with the review and it got me the job and it made me think about sex scenes. A lot.

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Shitty Vampire

Shitty VAmpire by JS Breukelaar.

I came across this the other day. My poem Shitty Vampire in Trunk Books Vol II: Blood. This is a cool little book, full of great art and text. The beautiful image next to my poem is by senVoodoo. The launch was awesome. Very shmancy, the shmanciest I’ve been to. But strange, too. A huge buffet and lots of press. And all the food was bloody. Serious. Great Medieval sides of rare mammal, and tamarillos and cranberries. Bloody Marys. Really random.

Anyway, the poem was first published at Opium. It’s about a vampire who hates the sight of blood, so that makes him pretty shitty. Best read out in an Irish accent. I don’t know why.

Women Writing the Weird: Out Now at Dog Horn Press

"Women Writing the Weird"As promised, WWW launched on Halloween. I don’t have my copy yet, but you can get it here. I’m excited to see my story, “Lion Man,” out and proud and in such great company…am prepared to be amazed by my colleagues.

Also out and about is my poem, ‘Some Kind of Monster,’ at Go(b)et Magazine. Very cool brave new publication putting out stuff, the likes of which you won’t see anywhere else.

The novel has gone to the agent, which leaves me with a huge amount of time on my hands. Plenty to do, just not the motivation to do it.

A few things have got me excited. Jeff and Ann Vandermeer’s new site, Weird Fiction Review. I read John’s Pelan’s piece on First Ladies of Fear, namely Mary Dale Bruckner and Greya La Spina, which inspired me to download Old Mr Whiley onto my kindle. Reading it now; it’s creepy. But the site is top drawer as you’d expect. Definitely a time thief, but hey, I got time.

When Genres Attack, guest post

… The agent totally gets it. As a prolific writer of poetry that involves everything from crop circles to telekinesis, he totally gets writing that fuels a desire for ‘another world, and yet one to which we feel the tie.’  Borrowing from Melville. That Melville…

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And a lot more happening besides. Editing the ms now, then will return to the blogosphere to reclaim my social mediocrity!

Lion Man selected for Women Writing the Weird

The team from Dog Horn Publishing have selected one of my first published stories, Lion Man, to be including in their upcoming international anthology. So very very cool.

Short stories are still so hard for me. I guess they’re just hard. Doesn’t mean they’re not the best best thing. I’m reading some now, and while they’re fun, they just don’t have that ‘crap, what just bit me’ factor. Reading a great story should make you feel like you’ve been tapped on the shoulder and when you look up there’s no one there. Like you’ve been touched by something and changed forever. Short stories should be startling. Period. So starting now, here is the Holy Shit story of the Week.

Twelve Arrows, by Stephen Graham Jones

The Fall, at New Dead Families

… His flesh hung in folds over his eyes, one of which had a sideways cast to it. His wife, Una, pushed into the center of the pass window behind the bar. Her face red as rubber, a boiling ball of rage and defeat stirred by the rage and defeat she saw in her husband and could not cure…

Read more at New Dead Families, along with some very cool fiction and demon art.

Fantasy Magazine July 1

Fantasy MagazineWill run my story, Union Falls, and a short interview—my first author spotlight.

They asked some really cool questions—it was odd thinking about things having to do with my work, and especially Union Falls, that I hadn’t thought about before.
Rock n roll!