ARCs of American Monster available!

Reviewers: Digital (mobi, epub, and pdf) and limited physical ARCs of my novel, AMERICAN MONSTER will be available in the coming weeks. Please email, or me at if you want to review this book for a publication.

Spinetingler and Dreadful Daughters

I am slowly working my way through some of the online publications I used to drool over when I first got into this buzz. Spinetingler has just picked up The Bridge, a story adapted from the novel in progress. Should be coming out in a couple months. Jack Getz added to my list of peachy editors. In other news, Dreadful Daughters has gone to press and should be coming out in time for Christmas.
On the home stretch for the American Monster edits. It’s been cool hanging out with Norma, Gene and Raye again. Looking forward to unleashing them on humanity. They’re chomping at the bit to do some serious damage.

Dreadful Daughters, Nervous Breakdowns and storySouth Million Writers nom for ‘The Box.’

Couple of pieces of news. Those crazy kids from over at Juked have nominated my story, ‘The Box’ for a Million Writers award. Without editors like J.W. Wang, Zack Wentz, Cameron Pierce, John Joseph Adams, Seb Doubinsky, Deb Hoag… the list goes on and most of these people are award winning writers, poets, anthologists themselves, but they do that extra thing, they read. They lead by example. Without which this revolution, this whole movement, would not be happening. So more on that in a minute.

So The Nervous Breakdown put up ‘Speak of the Puppet.’ I mainly wrote the piece in response to that question we get asked and ask ourselves, where does it come from? My uncle asked me. An innocent question if you believe in innocent questions, which by definition, I don’t. So, that. I read what other people said about this. And I liked this answer by Neil Gaiman. Read more

My 20th Nervous Breakdown

Tin House Here is a new piece I wrote on my experiences at the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop.

“The place was crawling with babeness. I mean aside from the instructors—I’m talking Aimee Bender here, people. Antonya Nelson. But the delegates glowed too. The little memoir-writer in his white golf hat, and the tight, brittle New York poets and the sandaled Opus-luggers. They all shimmered, you know. Maybe it was gold of the river running through campus, or the green of the lawns, or the printed Tin House bags we carried. It all shimmered and it cloaked us in the dream, and in its hope. But my group, the Wells Tower group? They were the babest of the babes.”

You can read more at The Nervous Breakdown

Going OFF!

American Monster has been picked up by a West Coast publisher who I cannot name right now, but it is one I am indescribably proud to be associated with. Biggest hangover ever.

The Box came out on Juked; the folks at Doghorn never cease to amaze me with their generosity and professionalism.

And always always the kids, and the Doctor.

Richard Blackie lives on The Nervous Breakdown.

Richard Blackie

…sometimes life falls at your feet so pre-stretched and warped that you don’t need to touch it. So broken and fragile that you fear too much handling will tear it apart. If you have the presence-of-mind to cup it in your hands, or the artist’s hardness of heart to make a note and file it under ‘material’, you do, but so often you don’t. It slips through your fingers, too beautiful (or something) to live. But it marks you, changes you.

Read more at The Nervous Breakdown

Fixed picked up by Prick of the Spindle

The agent busy getting American Monster out; Tin House conference in Two Weeks; I DIDN’T win THAT contest; ‘The Box’ is with readers; Prick of the Spindle has picked up ‘Fixed’. Such a fine magazine, so it’s an honor. I’m really proud of this story, not only because it’s part of American Monster, but because it’s part of me. I pulled my own eastern past into it, the smell of the woods and lake water on shaggy pelt, wheeling hawks and the first time coming back to Ca. I was born in Berkeley. But when I came back west for the first time, yeah, when I was twenty, oh the carved-up land. It’s still beautiful though, and I can’t wait to go back to the North west in a couple of weeks. My cousin and I are going to hit the woods and the coast, where my American Monster is from.