Night song.

So this. Last night I sang in my sleep. It woke me up almost at the same time it woke him.

Jen, he said, nudging me to the surface. You’re singing.

It was a terrible dream. Plotless and physical. The wordless tune pulled from my viscera like a meat hook. It was more a compulsion, an expulsion. I woke singing and shaking. But according to him it was on key. And quite melodic.

Completely floored.

Deeply appreciated words from Christopher O’Riley on American Monster.

Just finished reading American Monster by J.S. Breukelaar, a sci-fi novel of sentient stars, a cyborg samurai post-apocalyptic quest with a rich and multi-layered cosmology and a lot of fine and romantically visceral writing all along the way.

One Horn to Rule Them All

Thanks to the coterie of FB sci-fi writers and artists from whom i gained the heads-up on this, J.S.’s first novel—a really splendid effort; she’s been largely known through her short stories to the community for some time—Kris Saknussemm and fabulous cover artist Matthew Revert among them.

Highly recommended

Pass It On

I should say that I became aware of this review on my last day in Seattle, sitting in Seattle Coffee Works with the rain belting down outside. I raised my Americano to you, Mr O’Riley. Salut. Thanks for a memorable send-off.

AWP 2014

Lazy Fascist Table AWP 2014

I’m going to be talking a bit about this over the next little bit. It was an incredible week and a big shout out to the folks at Lazy Fascist Press, especially Kirsten Alene (pictured) and Cameron Pierce, and Rose O’Keefe who’s head honcho at Eraserhead press for their generosity and smarts.

Meanwhile though, it’s the day job and the next project and a pile of overdue work, including reviews and plugs for books YOU NEED TO READ. Another suitcase full brought back from AWP. So many books, so little time.
AWP 2014

Stories at Stories

So here’s a link to the event at Stories Bookstore in Echo Park.

Here’s the blurb, put together by the host, Ben Loory

It’s a reading! People will read. The following people:

Ben Loory
Jim Ruland
Zoë Ruiz
Cecil Castellucci
John Skipp
JS Breukelaar

It will be good! JS Breukelaar will be here all the way from AUSTRALIA! Doing her first reading ever! In her entire life! From American Monster, her first novel, coming soon from Lazy Fascist Press. And everyone else will be reading other stuff, whatever the hell they want! Who can say? It’s a mystery. Also there might be liquor. ???

>>>>>>>> TOTALLY FREE!! <<<<<<<<

And it’s true. It is my first reading ever. Except for the one I did at Tin House Summer Workshop when I was sick. I wrote about that. You can read about it here. But I have never read before, not really. Not in public, like with other writers whose work I admire. You should really read Ben’s book. I’ve downloaded it to my Kindle and am starting it now and I’m mesmerized. Ray Bradbury blurbed it. So there’s that.
I didn’t put Ben up to making this be the American Monster Edition. He did that all by himself. Maybe my wily publisher, Cameron Pierce, put him up to it. I’ll never know.

New writing course at Sydney Community College

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching a Science Fiction and Fantasy course at Sydney Community College, beginning April 30.

Looking forward to introducing students from all walks and abilities to the finer points of fantastic writing, and to nerd out over the likes of Dick, Martin, Poe and King. Not to mention the finest of the contemporary writers—Aimee Bender, Kelly Link and Ben Percy, and more.

Gonna be a wild ride.


At the beach the other day, this chick was plucking out her ass pubes with her fingers. What’s with that?

And now it’s raining all the time. The air is cold but humid. I want to wash my hair every day. I felt like a slug at yoga. The animals are going nuts.