American Monster out now from Lazy Fascist Press.

‘I have not read anything like American Monster.’
Alan M Clarke, author of The Door that Faced West.

‘A sci-fi novel of sentient stars, a cyborg samurai post-apocalyptic quest with a rich and multi-layered cosmology and a lot of fine and romantically visceral writing all along the way.’
Christopher O’Riley, host of the weekly National Public Radio program From the Top.

‘A deeply original post-apocalyptic novel. Like William S. Burroughs set in Philip K. Dick’s California.’
Matthew Bialer, author of Tell Them What I Saw.

‘This is an ambitious, complex novel, one that deserves to be read and read again. You need it.’
Cameron Pierce, author of Die You Donut Bastards.


Women Writing the Weird

My story, ‘Lion Man,’ is in this volume, along with works by Nancy Collins, Janice Lee and Aliette de Bodard.

‘…some of the weirdest, creepiest fiction I’ve had the pleasure to read in a while. I had the difficult task of choosing between several pieces the author submitted; each is a masterpiece of skin crawling horror.’
Deb Hoag, Editor at Dog Horn press, author of Queer and Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road.


You can find my poem, Shitty Vampire, here.

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