Month: April 2016

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Oftentimes, we are blocked for good reason. Maybe our standards are too high for our best creative self to want to show up. Maybe we’re taking ourselves and what we can produce too seriously. Sometimes, your block is fighting for you just as much as it is fighting against you. –Elizabeth Percer at

Blood under the bridge

Monday morning. Holy finish line. I could kiss my desk, which is almost clean enough to eat off again, now that I’ve scraped off all the blood. Barely a trace of the last three months left, and the bones are beginning to set. Feeling a twinge of wonder at having pushed through 4 part time …

Caught on the web

spider web

Submitting opportunity at Tor.: The mighty Vincenzo Bilof on This Is Horror. William Vandenburg’s Punctures at Pank The human body is generous. The hole healed over. In our remaining months, he referred to it as a puncture. I disagreed with him. I said that a puncture only goes in one side. A hole is all …