Status update

I write my first story for the new year. 1500 words start to finish and I can’t seeing it growing much longer. I have some longer ones in the breach, but I’m trying a new process. 2015 was a tough year for writing, sooner it’s put behind me the better.

5 Ray Bradbury Stories on LitReactor

My article dropped at LitReactor. This was fun to write. In his introduction to Best American Sci-fi and Fantasy, Joe Hill writes:

My awe, though, was not merely a reaction to Bradbury’s thrilling ideas. It was just as much a response to the shock of his sentences, the way he could fold a few words to created an indelible image, much as an origami artist may make a square of paper into a crane. One great verb, I discovered, had almost as much explosive power an any marvelous concept.”

I echo Hill’s awe of Bradbury’s language. It is explosive. Something to shoot for.