Writing the Weird starts tomorrow

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90 Day Noveltopia – Day 27

I don’t know what to listen to so I listened to this. And then I turned it off and looked up flights to NY and then I heard a sound outside and I went out to the balcony and it was two guys walking on the street playing sonic boom-sounding tracks and futuristic effects from their phones and trying to make people come out on the balconies.

How (not) to write the 90 Day Novel!

How to write a novel in 90 daysJust kidding. I’m still writing it. Day 17 and just under 15K words, so it’s okay. It’s still a 90 Day novel. I’m just not great at the blogging side of it, clearly. Doesn’t make it right, but there it is.
I’m kind of at an impasses with it right now, in truth, having to take a step back and bone up on some background information. So, that’s what I did today. Didn’t write a word. Some days are going to be like that because I didn’t prepare as well as I would have liked. Got the story and the character and the place, but not as totally figured out as it should be. I’d like a week to do that, actually, and I have plenty of other things to write, and finish. So I might use next week to really nail down the context and content, and go back to writing with a vengeance week after that.
One thing I’m doing that I’ve never done before is outline the hell out of it. So I know roughly where I’m headed each chapter, and I’m writing the whole thing in Scrivener. I’ve used Scrivener a lot but never from start to finish, and I’m finding it good, especially because I’m not doing much pantsing this time, but being as scientific about it as I can be. And I’m journalling too. I usually keep a log of my big projects from start to finish, but again, trying to contain this all in one place, in my Day One Journal, and then each day that I do that I print out the page and stick it into my notebook. That’s a part of the process that I’m enjoying actually, the finicky, fussy bits. The routine, and the ritual.